Himmy Jewellery Co Ltd

About Us



Himmy Jewellery established at 1982, it takes the name from Chinese word for “humble “ and “trust-worthy“ tactfully implying the concept of the brand which is “A humble person can always have higher capacity of making innovations and deserves others’ respect, as well as trust”. Mr. Himmy Yau always holds tight with this concept whilst he runs his business.


Our company business mainly focuses on Original Design & Manufacturer (ODM) for over 35 years. 

Every jewellery pieces in Himmy Jewellery are designed and produced by professionals with incessant efforts, in order to produce the greatest masterpiece for every one of you. Our designers strive to pursue for design uniqueness, and also perfectly accentuate the diamonds on every finished goods, whilst our master jewellers specialized in hand making of fine jewellery, scrupulous about every detail, as well as possess exquisite craftsmanship. Our collections are expression of brilliant, flawless and endless love.